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Services to the Construction Industry

Camryn Designs employs experienced construction professionals enabling us to offer a wide range of services to the construction industry in order to fulfil your IT needs.


Educational Resources

Camryn Designs designs and develops interactive CDs and DVDs to provide learning aids to meet your establishments needs. Allow us to capture the ethos and character of your school by developing an interactive schools prospectus or to archive the achievements of the school using video and text and images.

If your organisation currently provides materials which are used by schools we are able to enhance them by developing interactive CDs or DVDs to work alongside them. We are able to produce products that are a both a learning aid for schools as well a means of promotion for your organisation.

  • Schools packs
  • Interactive prospectuses
  • Training CDs
  • Conference notes
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Customised CD and DVD Development

Be it marketing materials or data management solutions, Camryn Designs can develop customised interactive CDs or DVDs to meet your company’s requirements.

Any product developed by Camryn Designs will be specifically tailored to suit your individual needs. The use of CDs or DVDs as a medium enables you to include features that may be too heavy to distribute across your website.

The customised CD / DVDs that we produce cover a multitude of areas including:-

  • Marketing CD’s
  • Corporate presentations
  • Annual reports
  • DVD–videos
  • Interactive learning tools
  • Archive products
  • Schools prospectuses
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Data Management Solutions

Camryn Designs produce fully customised interactive CDs and DVDs to archive and share your valuable data. Each disk is branded with your own corporate identity with menus tailored to suit each individual project. With user-friendly navigation, document retrieval is quick and easy.

All data such as documents, drawings, video and photographic records can be stored, quickly accessed or printed from one source. A full keyword and phrase search facility, e-mail and web links can be included.

We offer a full project management, design and production service to ensure an efficient and effective service. We guarantee a dynamic and proven documentation management system utilising our skills in knowledge management and IT.

Key benefits:

  • Quick reference & document retrieval
  • Fully portable & accessible system
  • Cost efficient production & duplication
  • Minimal archive & storage space required
  • Eliminate the risk of loss or damage to documents
  • Corporate branding & customised interface
  • Fully indexed & searchable
  • E-mail & web links to contacts
  • Easy to update & maintain
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Conference Notes

Camryn Designs are able to develop customised tools for storing and presenting materials for your conference or event.

Give your audience a product to take away or simply archive the key information from the event using a combination of text, audio and video.

Key benefits:

  • A post conference tool that enables the audience to re-visit the conference
  • Archive important documents
  • Use a combination of text, weblinks, images, video and audio for a full multimedia product
  • Full search facility ensure easy access of information
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Educational Resources
open quoteUsed part of your schools DVD in Rememberance assembly this week. What an impact. Nothing but praise from colleagues. With the help of this resource I was able to deliver a very moving assembly for children aged 4-11. Thank you so much.close quote
Customised CD / DVD Development
Data Management Solutions Data Management Project
Conference Notes